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​​​​EMDR Intensives

An intensive, more accelerated alternative to traditional weekly talk therapy. Traditional weekly therapy can take months/years while EMDR intensives take hours/days. Research shows that EMDR intensives create a need for shorter overall treatment with equivalent or better results. 

What makes Still Waters Counseling EMDR Intensives unique?

~Many practices offer telehealth only intensive programs. Still Waters offers both in person and telehealth intensive options.

~Most practices that offer telehealth intensives cost thousands of dollars while our model costs hundreds. 

~Many practices offer weekday sessions only, while we offer Saturday and evening options in addition to weekday options for more flexibility for your schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is the concept behind EMDR therapy? What does it treat/help with? 

EMDR therapy is used to clarify and heal past trauma, areas you feel stuck in, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, spiritual trauma, damage from religious organizations/church, self-esteem issues, birth and medical trauma, and many more presenting concerns! 

The concept behind EMDR intensive sessions is that we are able to make progress more quickly because we are not being interrupted by starting and stopping and losing ground between sessions.  

The video below explains more about how EMDR works:

What is the format and cost for EMDR intensive therapy?

Below is the session model and costs for our EMDR intensives:

Assessment: The assessment appointments are scheduled for 53-60 minutes each. There will typically be 2-3 assessment appointments. The cost for each assessment appointment is $150. If you would like to do these 2-3 sessions back to back in one day, that could be an option as well.

Processing Appointment: The processing appointment is scheduled for 3 hours. The processing appointment is used for phase 4 work of EMDR, which involves reprocessing your trauma to reduce the associated distress. The cost for the 3 hour processing appointment is $450.

Additional Processing Appointments: A single 3-hour processing session is illuminating, rich in assessment and treatment planning. Depending on your treatment goals, an EMDR intensive program is not always a curative end to therapy. During our work together you will gain a sense of what, if any, may need attention in future talk or EMDR therapy. Additional processing appointments can be scheduled following your 3 hour processing session for 1, 2, or 3 hour blocks with a fee of $150 per hour.

*The total cost for EMDR intensives is typically between $750-$900. Due to the intensive format of this modality, we do not work with insurance companies. HSA and HRA funds can be used as well for your out of pocket cost. 

If you would like to continue traditional talk therapy with Still Waters after the intensive program, insurance may cover all or a part of your sessions. 

For any additional questions you may have or if you are ready to schedule your EMDR intensive, please contact us at